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When you participate in the tour , be anxious , " Q & A "

For the first time of Yakushima , if there is a thing or anxiety that you do not know the variety , resolve as soon as possible ! Please help us to fun journey of the plan .

It's okay

The board is very bouyent and stable . 
SUP is a very free activity, there are no rules. You can paddle while stadding, sitting, lay down or jump in! 
Let's enjoy the nature of Yakushima on SUP!

We provide life jackets so it is not a problem.

We provide life jackets as a safety peasure. please do not worry about a inability to swim.

Yes this is not a problem.

We can make preperations to acomodate as many people as you need. However, for groups lager then 15, there is a possiblity we will split the tour groups and times to take everyone.